Welcome to the Metaphysical Poetry Society. We are a group of poets dedicated to the propagation of great metaphysical poetry.

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Welcome to the Metaphysical Poetry Society. We are a group of poets dedicated to the propagation of great metaphysical poetry. We hold contests, present awards, and publish an anthology once a year called the Metaphysical Poetry Review. We hope you will join with us in celebrating the great art form of metaphysical poetry.

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April 13, 2018

Today is the day! (Friday the 13th, April 2018. What other day could it be! :) All three elements are in place to officially start our society.

The three elements are:

1. The social group:

(which at this time we are doing with a Facebook group). https://www.facebook.com/groups/MPSpoetry
Here we get together and read and positively critique each other's poetry, post news, talk about whatever. Support one another as poets.

We also have a forum here that is checked daily by the editors of the Metaphysical Poetry Society. You can submit poetry to the Review, ask questions, and more.

2. The contest:

This is a monthly contest held at AllPoetry.com
Granted, one has to be a member of AllPoetry, but just about everyone interested in contests is.

3. The Metaphysical Poetry Review:

This is put out once a year an it includes notable metaphysical poetry from members and non-members, as well as reviews of poetry and articles about poetry, specifically metaphysical poetry. The first Review will be coming out in January of 2019.

So, if you're interested, come join with us. And keep in mind, it doesn't mean if you're a member that all your poetry is metaphysical. It just means you are interested, and perhaps from time to time you write a poem of a metaphysical theme. :)




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Our goal is to publish a review every year to come out in January or February. It will be based on poetry that is submitted to the society, either directly or in the contests. The best of those submissions will go in the review. In this way, we intend to represent what modern metaphysical poetry is and who the modern metaphysical poets are. We will publish it through CreateSpace and it will be for sale at Amazon.com. The proceeds will be made public and go to fund prizes in the contests and pay for the website expenses. No profit will ever be made from its publication.






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