Upon Meeting Dr. Smith

Upon Meeting Dr. Smith
by Edward Gordon

In He comes with His insulting silence;
It lets me know if i mattered He’d speak.
i don’t know His name (we never did meet),
But what kind of rube would not kiss His feet?

He’s better than me, so how’d i miss it?
With stature like mine it’s not hard to do.
Tried a “hello,” but to Him i just spit:
There are no hello’s from such dwindled bits.

i’m trash with a privilege to listen to
The greater-than-me who mumbles his words,
While knowing i’m cursed to do all i can
To keep me the mouse that keeps him The Man.

i’m chronically insignificant.
i could live with it if He’d leave the room,
But here He is with His butt in my chair,
So what can i do but not breathe his air?

© 2009 Edward J. Gordon. All rights reserved.

About Edward Gordon

I am a registered nurse and very interested in nursing education as well as other pursuits like meditation and poetry.

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