An article outlining metaphysical poetry as defined by the Metaphysical Poetry Society.

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Metaphysical Poetry Contest


I conduct a monthly metaphysical poetry contest at Below is the current link to that contest. I will conduct a futher contest each October, starting in October 2018 to give an annual award for the winner among the Gold winners of each monthly contest.

(Current contest runs from March 1 - 14, 2018. )

Here are the instructions:

What Does Metaphysical Mean?

The word 'meta' means 'after,' so the literal translation of 'metaphysical' is 'after the physical.' Basically, metaphysics deals with questions that can't be explained by science. It questions the nature of reality in a philosophical way.

Here are some common metaphysical themes:

* God
* Reality
* Free will vs. determinism
* Consciousness
* The mind
* Life after death
* The spirit
* The astral realm
* Religion
* Fate
* The meaning of life
* The meaning of death
* What is the "self"


Any poetic structure is allowed, but special consideration is given to closed-form poems (i.e., poems that have a structured form such as a sonnet or that follow a pattern of syllables per line, logical rhyme scheme, rhythm, meter etc.).

Poems must be 28 lines or less

Pre-writes are allowed.


Click on the link below to see the score sheet for that month.
It downloads as an Excel spreadsheet. (.xlsx).

April 2018
Gold Winner: Tatiana Martchenko, Life

March 2018
Gold Winner: Eva-Palhazi, Sacred Chords

February 2018
No contest was held this month.

January 2018
Gold Winner: Peter Krastins, The Killing

December 2017
Gold Winner: a shacknofsky, Behind Death's Door (Sonnet)

November 2017
Gold Winner: Eva-Palhazi, Immortal souls mundane Avatar

October 2017
Gold Winner: Linda Marshall, Time the puppet master



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Our goal is to publish a review every year to come out in January or February. It will be based on poetry that is submitted to the society, either directly or in the contests. The best of those submissions will go in the review. In this way, we intend to represent what modern metaphysical poetry is and who the modern metaphysical poets are. We will publish it through CreateSpace and it will be for sale at The proceeds will be made public and go to fund prizes in the contests and pay for the website expenses. No profit will ever be made from its publication.





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